Real Ryder

Come Take a Ryde That Moves You! Watch the RealRyder Indoor Cycling video to learn more about our bikes!

Our indoor cycling classes are in high demand and class sizes are limited! So sign up in advance. The Classes are aimed at spinners, cyclist, Instructors. gym and studio owners and all who want to challenge or strengthen their bodies! We are here to show you how to get the best out of our stationary bike. Learn how to take your indoor cycling classes to the next level with Certified RealRyder Instructors!
This is truly the next evolution in indoor cycling.  Why stay stationary on an indoor bike when you an work your whole body?  We are simply building on over 26 years of our indoor cycling history from the old days with Johnny G.

RealRyder® is a completely new kind of fitness equipment that is revolutionizing the world of indoor cycling.

With ordinary stationary bikes, you just sit and don’t engage your core. The RealRyder® gives you a stationary bike ride that’s anything but stationary.

  • Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike
  • Work your core more than you would on a regular indoor bike
  • Burn more calories
  • Overcome boredom with a more fun and dynamic riding experience