About Us

Synergy Performance Center is a state of the art training and workout facility. Using some of today’s highest quality equipment and programs, we are able to achieve results without the plateau!

Raj Donald. Owner/Trainer/Distributor


Served in US Marine Corps Reserve from 1991-1999.  Loves outdoors, Water activities, Movies, children and just plain ol’ laughing as often as I can.

Synergy was born out of the desire to bring consistency, efficiency, and dynamic whole body training programs that ANYONE of virtually any age could participate.

Synergy will demand from its team members, trainees and athletes; hard work, dedication, respect for fellow team members by simply doing to others only what you want to be done to you.

We are all about Fun, Results, and educating our team, trainees, and athletes on maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  We want you to simply be able to pick up your grandchildren when you’re 75!  Our goal is to continually grow our fitness family by offering the best of breed in options for dynamic and challenging fitness programs with proper nutrition.  We do what we love and we love what we do! Our arms are open wide. Will you join us today?